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Types of Ration Card 2021 – uses –


Types of Ration card in India | Ration Card Types in India | Antyodaya Ration Card in India | BPL Ration Card | APL Ration card: All people need a ration card because it is proof of address and identity. and also it is a way to buy ration in a cheap way. in this article, you will know about the types of ration cards in India.

types of ration card 2021

Types of Ration Card in India

State Governments of India issue various types of Ration Cards according to the groups divided like APL (Above Poverty Line), BPL (Below Poverty Line), High-Income roup people, and Antyodaya Families as per their needs. The groups may be different according to the state. this is a portal where all information is available of ration card in India.

There are 3 types of Ration Card in India

Antyodaya Ration Card-

The Antyodaya Ration Card is issued to the poorest families having no stable income. Old age men and women, unemployed people, laborers come under this category.

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BPL Ration Card-

BPL Ration Card issued to the families falling under ‘Below Poverty Line. Families having an annual income less than 10,000* (may vary from state to state), can apply for BPL Ration Card.

APL Ration Card-

APL Ration Card is issued by the state government to the people falling Above Poverty Line. Everybody can apply for this Ration card, there is no limit of annual income under this category.


Colour Wise Categories-

Blue/ Pink/ Red Ration Card-

Blue Ration Cards are issued to Families which come below the poverty line in the state. The state government issues this Blue Card to citizens. Special subsidies are also given to these Blue Ration Card holders. This Card is also used to take Kerosene from Ration Shops on subsidy rates. The families having no Gas/ LPG connections can apply for Blue Ration Card.

Orange Colour Ration Card-

Orange Colour Ration Card is issued to the people coming in Above Poverty Line. Maximum Annual Income may be different by state.

Yellow Ration Card-

The people falling below the poverty line can apply for Yellow Ration Card. The terms and conditions & eligibility may be different state by state.

* Colour may be different in different states for BPL & APL.

Temporary Ration Card-

Temporary Ration Cards can be issued to a citizen if he/ she needs it urgently. The validity of this card is a specific month or weeks. These Ration Cards are issued to the citizens for relief purposes.


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