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Ration Cards Benefits in India 2021-


Benefits of Ration Cards in India | ration cards benefits in India | Main Uses of Ration Cards in India: In this article, you will find ration Cards Benefits in India and the main uses of ration cards. So read till the end because it’s a small article and contains proper information.

Ration Cards Benefits in India 2021-

Ration Cards Benefits in India

Ration Card is an important document in India for every family. However, the Ration card is a solid proof of Identity as well as Resident. It is also used to get essential commodities at a subsidized rate by the state or central government. That was ration cards Benefits.

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Main Uses of Ration Card-

If you are applying for a Voter ID Card, you can show the copy of the Ration Card as proof of ID & Residence.

  1. Can be used as Identity Proof and Residence Proof.
  2. Copy of Ration Card is acceptable for issuing a Land Line Telephone/ SIM Card.
  3. If you require a Driving License, the Ration Card is a valid proof of Identity.
  4. While applying for PAN Card, you can use your copy of the Ration Card as address proof.
  5. LPG/ Gas Connection also requires a Ration Card (in some states).
  6. While applying for Passport, Ration Card is valid proof.
  7. If you or your child need a Domestic Certificate, The Ration Card is very necessary as address proof.
  8. While applying for Aadhar Card, you can show your Ration Card as ID Proof.

The Ration Card is the main document for families in India. It holds the complete details of the family, its members with their name, photo, and age details. So, every Indian family must apply for Ration Card to get the benefit of various government schemes.

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