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How to Remove Name from Ration Card 2021 | Name Deletion – Fees and Required Documents


How to Remove Name from Ration Card In India 2021 | Name Deletion – Fees and Required Documents | Deletion of member in ration card | name deletion in ration card: In this article, you will find that how to Remove Name From Ration Card in India 2021. we have given related details like Required Documents and fees.

 How to Remove Name from Ration Card 2021 | Name Deletion - Fees and Required Documents

Delete/Remove Name from Ration Card

The name deletion of a family member from the Ration Card is not a hard process. However, it may take time due to lake of necessary documents. But mostly it takes not more than 7-15 days. The name deletion can be applied in the following cases-

  • Marriage of a Girl.
  • Death of a family member.
  • Division of Family.
  • Any other reason.

All the state governments have provided this facility to Remove/ Delete the name of a family member in the above cases. The applicant may apply for this through both Online or Offline modes. However, some states have no facility for Online Applications, such candidates only have the option to apply through the prescribed written proforma. The same may be available on the related website of the state food & supply department.

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Fees for the Delete/Remove name from Ration Card-

The fee for deletion of a name from the ration card may vary from state to state. However, a minor fee of Rs. 5-10 is taken by the department. The receipt of the same will also be given to you by the office.

If you want to apply for the Name Deletion from Ration Card, you will have reach to the the Food Supply Department.

  1. Get the Application Form for Name Deletion.
  2. Fill up the form and submit it to the same office with the necessary documents.

If you want other services related to Ration Card then you can visit the website. This is Department’s Website link –

Documents required for Delete/Remove Name form Ration Card-

  1. Duly filled Application Form (D1).
  2. If any Family member has a Dead. Death Certificate of a Family Member whose name is to be removed.
  3. Marriage Certificate (in case of Daughter/ Girl’s Marriage)
  4. New Passport Size Family Photo.

The Sub-Inspector/ Inspector from Food & Supply Department will verify the particulars submitted by the applicant. He/ She may visit the residence of the applicant for inquiry.

The ration card will be supplied to you by District Food and Supplies Controller/ Assistant Food and Supplies Officer/ Inspector Food and Supplies within 7 to 15 days.


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